Choosing The Right Removal Company For You

Date Published 11 March 2016

Choosing The Right Removal Company For You.

When the hard part of buying or renting a new property is over and you have a moving in date, you will then be faced with a whole new set of challenges; Clearing out, packing and ultimately planning how you'll get your precious belongings from one place to another.

There are a shocking number of removal companies in London alone and choosing the right one for your move can seem daunting at first, however once you take the appropriate considerations it won't seem so bad.

Get a number of quotes
Make sure that you get several professional quotes well in advance of any proposed completion date. Take into account the price, the service they can provide and when the companies are able to conduct the move. For extra ease and convenience, many larger removal companies will offer a packing service, too, so that you can be confident that everything will be taken care of.

Ask friends and family
Speak to people you know have moved in the last year or so and see who they used and what they thought of them. It's always worth mentioning that a friend or family member recommended you when booking with a firm.

A must ask question to any removal company before you accept a quote is ‘Do you have insurance?' You will want a company that has comprehensive insurance in place. Most removal companies will provide you with dedicated moving insurance against loss or breakages of your property while it's in transit. Make sure this is the case before booking anyone. You should also contact your home contents insurer to find out if your current policy will insure your property while it's being moved, too.

The last thing you or your removal firm need is for a half mile trek to load the van. So, if you have any parking restrictions at your current or new address, let your removal company know so they can contact your local authority to have them removed on moving day.

Moving out of London
Make sure that the company you choose has other removal branches across the UK. This will ensure that they have the actual resources and infrastructure to cope with your move out of town.

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