If you own several properties, it is even more imperative that we maximise your income, minimise your costs and take the weight from your shoulders. Our team are experts in key concerns, from refurbishment and major works to legal issues and licenses. Whether you are looking to grow, shrink or simply maintain your portfolio, we have the means and strategic knowledge to help.

Sourcing Tenants

We always have our hand on pulse and once the property becomes vacant we work hard to make the void period as short as possible.

Network of Qualified and Trusted Contactors

We have worked with our contractors for many years and have built a confident relationship; this allows us to ensure your property is being cared for, by individuals we know personally.

Regular Portfolio Evaluations and Appraisals

This is one of our principle tasks every day. New properties need new evaluations and we make certain they are completed fittingly and to the best of our ability.

Full Referencing

We also perform comprehensive checks to make sure the tenants are reliable and trustworthy before accepting them for a tenancy. This can be done to suit the landlord’s needs and requirements.

Producing and Issuing Tenancy Agreements

We can always help you in drafting the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements. However, if you already have one, it’s perfectly suitable for you to utilise.

Point of Contact for Tenants and Landlords

We as an agency want to make sure that in case anything happens with regards to the property, you can call us and we’ll resolve the issues for you.

We specialise is sourcing and acquiring homes mainly in our area however, we do expand to encompass the north London neighbourhoods. This allows clients to choose their properties over wide range of investment areas. We have successfully run many portfolios to their optimum levels in order to guarantee client satisfaction. When you entrust us your property you will know that from years of our experience we’ll make the right decision to suit you.